Foods in Romania



One of the first recipes which a Romanian will tell you about when you ask for traditional food will be “Sarmale”. Amazingly comforting, soft cabbage rolls stuffed with ground pork and rice and slowly cooked for hours are known as the most delicious Romanian food.

Tips: Add some “mamaliga” and sour cream

2.Bulz with cheese & mamaliga

Mămăligă is a porridge made out of yellow maize flour, traditional in Romania, Moldova and Georgia and some regions in Ukraine near the mountains.mamaliga2

Bulz is a traditional Romanian meal made with polenta and cheese. Bulz was added in the cities’ menu, gaining popularity on the one hand but on the other losing its traditional identity. In most cases, shepherds baked their bulz directly on open fire; it is shaped as polenta balls stuffed with sheep cheese.


3.Tochitura moldoveneasca


Tochitură is a traditional Romanian dish like a stew made from beef and pork  in tomato sauce , traditionally served with over-easy eggs and mămăligă . The tochitură moldovenească is the Moldavian stew and the tochitură ardelenească is the Transylvanian stew.

Tochitură is made in 2 main different ways: with or without tomato sauce. The stew with the tomato sauce is the most common and it is prepared in most restaurants, but is less ‘traditional’. The one without it has a sauce of pork fat and juices from the parts of the meat. The traditional Romanian stew contains not only raw meat, but parts of internal organs of the animal, like liver, kidneys, heart, pork fat or bacon and smoked sausages fried together. It is served with mămăligă and a salty sheep cheese, either telemea or branza de burduf.




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